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Alpha Fex Delivery Services was developed over a decade ago when the owners saw a need for dedicated business solutions that would meet the unique and individual needs that encompass a variety of industries. Leveraging their 30 plus years in the transportation and shipping industry they have built a company that focuses on the complex delivery needs of each one of our customers.


We are accountable for all we do. Team Members take ownership of all their actions.

Each person is valued for the diversity of his or her skills, experiences and perspectives. We look for the best in everyone and expect to find it.

Alpha Fex bases its foundation for a balanced success on Integrity. We speak with integrity and only say what we mean.

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Package was received in record time. I was satisfied with the service, Thank You.

Oliver D. Thompson

First class service all the way. Easy to use and user friendly

Anna Robert

Simplified Delivery System. I love love their Cheerful Customer Service

Celine Rodriguez


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